The Frank J. Macchiarola Digital Archive

4 Years at SFC

Dr. Macchiarola Senior Yearbook Portrait. 1962

Senior Class Portrait, 1962

Dr. Macchiarola Discussing Annual Political Symposium at I.R.C. Meeting. 1961

Frank at I.R.C. Meeting

Dr. Macchiarola Junior Yearbook Portrait. 1961

Junior Year Portrait, 1961

Freshman Yearbook Photo. 1959

Freshman Group Photo, 1959

Underneath Frank’s Senior Yearbook Portrait are listed his student activities and awards.  The lengthy description totals a stunning 10 lines where many of his peers more commonly only have one or two under their picture.  From this single photo one can quickly gather how Frank was an active and involved member of the student body who assumed greater leadership roles as he went through his course of study at St. Francis.


It is interesting to note the consistency with which Frank’s undergraduate interests and activities mirror his interests and professional activities later in life. Through all four years Frank would be a member of the Student Council,  Association of International Relations Club (A.I.R.C.) and Young Democrats.  The A.I.R.C. was, according to a 1960 yearbook description, “organized to stimulate interest in world affairs” and invited guest lecturers to speak on campus.  The Young Democrats were, according to the student newspaper “The Voice”, created to educate student on “various political philosophies now existing in the Democratic party.” 


Frank would continue to have a lifelong interest in government and politics.  He was a member of Brooklyn’s Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club and ran in the Democratic Primary for City Comptroller in 1989.  Besides serving as the Chancellor of New York City Schools for five years he would also work for The New York Charter Commission, The New York City Districting Commission, The New York City Campaign Finance Board, The New York City Tax Study Commission and the New York City Water Board.