The Frank J. Macchiarola Digital Archive

Scrapbook Collection- (Private)


Newspaper and journal clippings from Dr. Macchiarola's personal archive from 1974 to 1990, while he was New York City School Chancellor (1978-1983), Vice President of the City University Graduate Center, Director of CUNY Urban Academy for Management, and Professor of Business at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business (1988-1991).

This collection is private, researchers who wish to access the Scrapbook Collection must contact the library for a guest login.
Scrapbook 1974 Scrapbook 1980-IV Scrapbook 1982-III
Scrapbook 1979-I Scrapbook 1981-I Scrapbook 1983-I
Scrapbook 1979-II Scrapbook 1981-II Scrapbook 1983-II
Scrapbook 1979-III Scrapbook 1981-III Scrapbook 1983-III
Scrapbook 1979-IV Scrapbook 1981-IV Scrapbook 1989
Scrapbook 1979-V Scrapbook 1981-V Scrapbook 1990-I
Scrapbook 1980-I Scrapbook 1981-VI Scrapbook 1990-II
Scrapbook 1980-II Scrapbook 1982-I Scrapbook 1990-III
Scrapbook 1980-III Scrapbook 1982-II  

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